In 2019, BwD declared a climate emergency and aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.  The Action Plan created highlights 5 key areas that the council is taking to reach this goal:

  • Sound Decisions– Use resources sustainably across the borough 
  • Resilient and Attractive Borough– Create sustainable places for people to live, work and visit 
  • Lean & Clean– Use energy more efficiently, generate local renewable sources and improve recycling 
  • Travelling Lightly– Promote active travel and transition to greener fuels 
  • Capture more Carbon– Increasing tree cover, protecting soil and increasing natural habitats  

View the Climate Change Action Plan on our Public Health Strategies page.

Food Waste

More than 40% of the rubbish we put in our burgundy bins is food. Each family in the borough on average throws away over £400 a year of good food. We’re working with residents to help them make the most of their weekly shop, save money and stop food going in the bin

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