Our aim is to reduce health inequalities, enable access to specialist support and improve the quality of life for our residents by reducing smoking prevalence in the borough.

Our focus includes education and prevention to deter first time smokers in particular children and young people, reducing exposure to second-hand smoke, lowering the number of smoking related harms to health and supporting regulation and enforcement to disrupt illegal and counterfeit sales and supply.

Stop Smoking Service

For those who smoke, quitting is often the single most effective method of improving current health and preventing illness.

The Stop Smoking Service in Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council is delivered through community pharmacies and is available to Blackburn with Darwen residents and patients registered with a BwD GP. Support includes one to one behaviour change counselling and support with nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) as appropriate, for a maximum of 12 weeks, for individuals who wish to quit smoking.

Stop Smoking Adviser

The Stop Smoking Adviser will undertake activities to enhance the Stop Smoking Service by:

  • Liaising with community groups
  • Service development with pharmacies
  • Developing links between GP’s and pharmacies
  • Promotion of Stop Smoking Service and raising awareness of smoking harms
  • Drop-In session – Quit Talk
  • Understanding and learning about smokers, habits and barriers to quitting

For more information on why stopping smoking in beneficial and what you can do to keep healthy, visit the re:fresh website.