Glyn began showing symptoms of dementia several years ago, however it was only last year that he received an official diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. As his condition progressed, Glyn found himself unable to live independently and in need of round-the-clock support from care staff. This significant change in his life led to a loss of confidence and a withdrawal from social situations, and his sedentary lifestyle had left him feeling unfit and unsure of his abilities.


Haydock Nursing Home, where Glyn is a resident, offers a variety of activities encouraging residents to keep moving. Glyn participates in these activities including going for walks, taking part in movement to music sessions, playing golf in the corridor, and enjoying ball games in the lounge.

One activity that has had a profound impact on Glyn’s life is the weekly Walking Football sessions organised by Blackburn Rovers Community Trust designed specifically for people with long-term health conditions. As a lifelong Blackburn Rovers supporter, Glyn’s carers recognised that these sessions would be a perfect fit for him. Initially, Glyn was hesitant to participate and spent most of the time watching from the sidelines, which proved to be a great way to introduce himself to the group and to encourage him to take that first step on to the pitch.

Over time Glyn’s confidence has grown, his stamina increased, and now he is able to participate in the full hour-long sessions.

The routine of attending the Walking Football sessions has become a highlight of his week and remarkably, despite his profound memory loss, Glyn remembers the names of his teammates – a testament to the meaningful connections he has formed through this shared experience.