Just under three years ago, Zoe had a stroke which left her with spatial awareness, balance and sensory issues. Day-to-day activities were challenging for her.

Zoeʼs stroke was caused by a complication of an undiagnosed heart condition, and she experienced fatigue and reduced energy levels when she was discharged from hospital. She started journaling to help her through the harder days and found support in several community-led stroke groups. Physical movement played a pivotal role in Zoeʼs recovery.


Zoe started small and began to rebuild her strength and mobility with home exercises. Zoe joined the local gym just over a year ago, and started by doing small but consistent movements to help with her balance and spatial awareness. Now, she uses the weight machines, dumbbells, and also enjoys walking, which has improved her mental health after the trauma of her stroke.

Zoe notices that when she isnʼt active her left side becomes numb, and says that consistent movement played a major part in enabling her to return to the activities she was doing before her stroke, like driving, going to restaurants with friends, and styling her hair just the way she likes it. Doing the smallest of movements consistently has had the biggest impact on Zoeʼs life.