Gambling may start as a bit of fun but can quickly get out of hand. We are here to assure you that resources for gambling support in Blackburn are available. 

Did you know, that over 20% of the UK population are affected by gambling, and between 340,000 – 1.4 million adults in the UK are severely affected by gambling? 

Our goal at Be Well BwD is to boost gambling support services in Blackburn and make sure anyone who feels they could benefit knows they are there. 

Identifying A Gambling Addiction  

There is a clear line between those who enjoy gambling as a leisurely pastime and those who develop a compulsive disorder.  

Please note, that the difference between the two has nothing to do with restraint or mental strength. There are lots of reasons why someone could suffer from gambling related harms

Image of gambling user in need of gambling support in Blackburn

Here are some tell-tale signs that you or your loved one could have a gambling addiction. 

  1. Obsession  

If someone is constantly talking about gambling, reliving gambling experiences, or actively gambling all the time, it could be the first sign that they’re addicted.  

With the way technology is going, it is that much easier to gamble from anywhere and at any time. Instant and constant access to gambling apps or websites makes it that much harder to quit.  

  1. Concealing Consequences  

People with a gambling problem will try to avoid the consequences of their addiction. They’ll do this by hiding receipts or bank statements and lying about where they are/ what they are doing.  

  1. Gambling Despite Consequences  

Despite the strain on family, finances, or even legal consequences, addicted gamblers cannot shift the urge to continue gambling. They truly believe that the only way to fix their woes is to gamble more, always claiming that a ‘big win’ is around the corner.  

  1. Withdrawal When Not Gambling  

Gamblers who experience withdrawal symptoms will be convinced that the only way to feel stable again is by gambling. Symptoms may include: 

  • Irritability  
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety  
  • Restlessness 
  • Interrupted sleep  
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Change in sex drive 
  1. Disruption In Daily Life  

Someone with a gambling addiction might be experiencing trouble at work, have a hard time maintaining relationships or have no time for hobbies due to gambling. Changes in behaviour may start off as subtle but become more noticeable over time. 

Financial issues could be another sign that someone’s struggling. If a person is constantly borrowing money they can’t pay back, unable to pay bills, or just generally not taking care of themself, it’s possible they’re using money to fund a gambling habit.  

  1. Defensive About Gambling 

When someone’s defensive after being accused of something, 9 times out of 10 it is because the accusation is right. They may not have accepted their gambling addiction before others start to notice it.  

Services For Gambling Support In Blackburn 

If you are reading this and have someone in mind who you think needs help, whether that’s yourself, a colleague, a pupil, or a loved one, there are services in your local area which can help. 

Gambling support in Blackburn is accessible for both adults and younger gamblers. Here are some services we recommend: 

Beacon Counselling Trust 

Beacon Counselling Trust work with people who suffer from mental health issues caused by gambling. Not only do they offer free counselling to gamblers but also provide support for those who have been affected by gambling.

Beacon Counselling Trust offer gambling support in Blackburn

They also deliver the Workplace Charter Programme, which provides a framework for action to help employers and trade unions, with the target of reducing gambling in the workplace.  

You can access their services by emailing or calling 0151 226 0696.  

You can also sign up for their You Can Help workshop, which is designed to increase awareness of gambling related harms and the relevant support available. For more information or to register your interest email 

Youth Gamers & Gambling Education Trust  

YGAM is a charity that works with young people to inform, educate, and safeguard against gaming and gambling harms.  

They provide fully funded workshops and resources for teachers, youth workers, parents, universities, faith leaders and health practitioners. They also provide training for customer facing roles in the gambling industry.  

Their preventative, award-winning services are tailored to a wide audience. We recommend YGAM workshops for businesses that wish to educate young people and provide gambling support in Blackburn.  


Samaritans is a free 24-hour helpline, open 365 days a year. They are a confidential service that is there to listen to whatever you feel you need to offload.  

If you think talking to someone about your gambling struggles would help, then we’d advise giving Samaritans a call at any time on 116 123. 

The National Gambling Helpline 

GamCare offers information, advice and support via varying contact mediums, such as Helplines, WhatsApp, Live Chat, Forum and Chatrooms.  

They operate the National Gambling Helpline, which is a confidential service for anyone aged 11+ who requires gambling support in Blackburn, as well as across England, Scotland and Wales. They are free to call on 0808 8020 133.  

Online Resources 

As we mentioned, technology has made controlling a gambling addiction much harder due to its accessibility.  

GAMSTOP puts controls in place to restrict your online gambling activities. Whether you’d like to block specific websites or prevent apps from running after a certain time, you can register online here. 

Financial Wellbeing Aid  

As we know, gambling activities can seriously break the bank. If you require financial advice, support with food and keeping a healthy home there are resources to help.  

Shelter Lancashire has an Advice, Support and Guidance Team specialising in housing, welfare benefits and debt advice. In partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Council (Public Health) and Lancashire Mind, Shelter delivers a service that promotes better mental health and provides face-to-face support across communities in the borough.  

Follow this link to learn more about how Shelter supports financial wellbeing in Blackburn. 

Shelter off financial wellbeing aid, get in contact for gambling support in Blackburn

We hope this blog has helped you find services that offer gambling support in Blackburn. If you’d like any more information on the named services or would like to know more about services in the local area, please get in touch

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