Low income is one of the main causes of fuel poverty. There are a number of areas that can explored when trying to reduce the impact of fuel poverty. One solution is to ensure that families and individuals are as financially secure as possible and receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled too. This is known as income maximisation.

The third sector organisations, government organisations as well as the Local Authorities can play a vital role in assisting residents to get advice and assistance in maximising the income coming into the household. 

Where to get help?

Income maximisation tools are often available to help people who are struggling with fuel poverty and other financial difficulties. The social security system can provide some assistance for fuel costs or with fuel-related problems. This is usually provided through a Social Fund system of grants, loans and selective payments.

Advice on benefits and debt can be sought from organisations such as the Pension Service, Jobcentre Plus, Citizens Advice Bureau, and other relevant local organisations to ensure that those affected by fuel poverty are receiving the benefits to which they are entitled. 

The referral section will direct you to the relevant local authority section or organisations who may be able to assist.