Monthly update around infant feeding from the Baby Friendly Team at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and Blackburn with Darwen Food Resilience Alliance. This month: Colostrum and Microbiome.


Colostrum is for all babies and every drop matters! Colostrum is made from 16 weeks in pregnancy and is concentrated nutrition for your baby. It is thick, golden yellow and has many benefits including:

  • Feeds healthy gut bacteria (microbiome)
  • Acts as a baby’s first immunisation
  • Contains antibodies against infection the mother has had in the past (including COVID-19)
  • Protection against infections in the present
  • Provides a protective coating to prevent stomach viruses
  • Contains more white blood cells than blood in the first week of life
  • Reduces health inequalities


Watch the video below to understand why a health gut microbiome is important and what factors can alter it.

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Please read this advice ⬇️

Never put hot water bottles or microwavable wheat bags in with your baby in their sleep space (cot, crib, Moses basket or bed), as they can make your baby too hot.

More safer sleep during winter tips ⬇️

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