In the last year Shelter Lancashire has been working with the community to use their voice on the issues they are struggling with. With our Community Support Officer in post and restrictions lifting we have been able to get back on the streets to better Lancashire as a place where its residents can have a better quality of life all round. We have a long road ahead but the work we are currently doing with help from our partners, other services and the general public we feel is taking a step in the right direction.

We have been working with our national team on their Renters Reform campaign. This campaign is based on gaining renters the rights they well and truly deserve. We are campaigning to abolish section 21, reform section 8 and have a national landlord registry. To support the national campaign Shelter Lancashire held a number of street stalls at events and in Blackburn Town Centre to hear the views of the public and to ask people to sign our petition. We met a lot of people who have had issues with renting rights or currently are struggling with this, one person stood out who was a local landlord and stated

“I will happily be on a national landlord register, as I care about my tenants and have nothing to hide. I think it’s a great idea”

Equally we have been working on more localised campaigns such as the My Home, My Voice campaign. This campaign is ongoing but we plan to highlight the issues with disrepair in private rented properties and take this to the people that can make a change, this campaign is service user led and we are there to facilitate but it is their voice and their campaign.

Another localised campaign we are working on is the Love Thyself Campaign this is a steppingstone campaign to a much bigger issue. In the Love Thyself Campaign we wanted to find out from service users and the local public what barriers and gaps are in mental health services in Blackburn with Darwen. Now we know what these are, we will build on a campaign to work on abolishing these barriers.

We will keep you all updated and if you want to get involved please email for more information.

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