Our new Oral Health Improvement Service was awarded to AP Smilecare of Preston New Road in Blackburn. They are a local dental practice and have been providing dentistry services for over thirty years. They will be contacting every nursery and reception class to co-ordinate the roll out of an evidence based oral health improvement intervention – supervised tooth brushing with the ‘Brush Busses’. School staff will be trained to apply toothpaste onto toothbrushes in class and supervise every child up to 5yrs old to brush their teeth in nursery and reception.
For further information please email enquiries@apsmilecare.co.uk

Our Oral Health Improvement interventions are all recommendations in our newly launched Oral Health Improvement Strategy and it has also been summarised on one page for easier reading – highlighting the key aims of the strategy and how partners plan to tackle these challenges. You can view the plan on a page using the link to the right.

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