6 Steps to Safer Sleep

  • Keep baby away from smoke
  • Put baby in a crib, cot or Moses basket to sleep
  • Never fall asleep with baby after drinking, taking drugs or medications that make you drowsy
  • Baby should sleep on their back with feet to the foot of the cot
  • Baby’s head and face should be uncovered, and they shouldn’t get too hot. The room should be 16-20 degrees Celsius
  • Breastfeed your baby. Visit our page here for support available.

Further guidance is available on the Lancashire Safeguarding website

Safer Sleep in Winter

In colder months, it may be tempting to wrap your baby up to keep them warm, but this can increase the risk of overheating and the chances of SIDS. These are the things to consider in colder months to keep your baby safe when they are sleeping:

  • Use layers rather than thick duvets. If baby is cold, add a layer of clothing or blanket
  • Firmly tuck in blankets and sheets so baby’s head is not covered by loose bedding
  • Do not add extra layers on top of a baby sleeping bag, choose a different instead. Always follow manufacturers guidelines when using these
  • Do not use a hat or hood when baby is indoors
  • Do not place baby’s cot next to a radiator or have a heat source aimed at the cot
  • Do not use hot water bottles in baby’s sleep space
  • If baby feels clammy or sweaty, they are too hot, so remove a layer of clothing or bedding

For more safer sleep guidance, visit the Lullaby Trust website.

Safer Sleep in Emergency Situations

The Lullaby Trust also has guidance on safer sleep in emergency situations or when baby is away from home by using ABC:

  • Always sleep your baby..  
  • ..on their back…  
  • ..in a clear cot or sleep space.

The full guidance is available on their website.

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